A Winning Partnership: Elektromatik, Performiq, and Wilma Sundin

Through collaboration with Performiq, an organization that connects businesses and sports through candidate recruitment, Elektromatik has hired 20-year-old Wilma Sundin. Since November 1st, Wilma has been employed part-time at Elektromatik, balancing her commitment with her elite pursuit in ice hockey.

Wilma, raised in Sundsvall, has been playing ice hockey since the age of five. Training 20 hours a week, she holds a degree in economics from Örnsköldsvik’s high school and has completed the NIU program at the hockey academy. Currently under contract with MoDo’s women’s team in SDHL, Sweden’s top league, Wilma values teamwork, responsibility, and supports the idea of being part of a well-connected and diverse team.

Wilma’s journey extends beyond the ice rink, having spent four summers at hockey and football camps for children aged 6-15. In that role, she actively participated in planning and conducting training sessions while overseeing a group of children.


In her current role at Elektromatik, she works part-time as an economic assistant, involving administration and daily accounting tasks. The simultaneous focus on sports and a professional career provides her with valuable insights. “Finding a balance and making it work is possible,” she says, “and it’s enjoyable.”

“I graduated a year and a half ago and have been occupied since then. Now, I feel it’s time to take the next step in a workplace where I can grow and gain more experience,” says Wilma. She is pleased to combine professional experience with her passion for sports, getting the best of both worlds. Staying updated on industry developments while maintaining her athletic performance keeps her motivated and fulfilled.

Elektromatik is pleased with the collaboration with Performiq in recruiting Wilma. Per Lundgren, COO at Elektromatik, is satisfied with Wilma’s professional approach to her tasks and her high commitment, highly valued within the company. The partnership serves as a valuable bridge between the corporate and sports worlds, creating a win-win situation for both parties.


Performiq, the driving force behind the collaboration, aims to bring together the best of two worlds – business and sports. Their Hall of Fame showcases some of Sweden’s top athletes sharing their experiences and knowledge. The organization specializes in helping companies build successful teams, emphasizing qualities such as responsibility, commitment, and teamwork – attributes often cultivated in the sports world.

In conclusion, the partnership between Elektromatik and Performiq is an example of a beneficial integration between sports and work life. Wilma’s story enables the opportunity to excel both on and off the field, bringing valuable skills from the sports arena to the workplace.