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BOS Power acquires emergency power specialist Eptech Solutions

With the acquisition of Swedish Eptech, BOS Power takes a crucial step towards getting closer to customers located in southern Sweden.

Eptech, located in Halmstad and Gothenburg on the southwest coast of Sweden, has provided specialised emergency power solutions and services to customers in the Nordic region since 2007.

-Welcoming Eptech in the BOS Power Group is an important milestone in our ambition to strengthen our position as a reliable and professional partner to our customers in Sweden. Today’s increasing dependency on constant access to data and uninterrupted power supply adds unprecedented pressure on customers’ operations 24/7. We are proud to contribute to securing access to these services, says Carsten Højerup, Director PowerGen.

-With the company’s position in southwest Sweden, we will be able to offer our 24/7 call-out services to our customers with a short response time, thereby giving them peace of mind to concentrate on their core business.

Managing director at Eptech, Peter Gustavsson and his team are excited about their future as part of the BOS Power Group:

-We are very pleased to join BOS Power and look forward to continuing with what we do best: providing emergency power solutions and services of the highest quality to our customers. Together, we will also be able to offer even more advanced and sustainable technological solutions in energy storage and energy generation, which we look very much forward to.

BOS Power already holds a strong position in the Swedish market following the acquisition of SwedMotor in 2019 and emergency power specialist Elektromatik Power Generation AB, that joined the group in 2020. Positioned in northern Sweden, Elektromatik provides complete backup power solutions and services to customers in the Nordic region.

As of now, Eptech will merge with Elektromatik and continue its operations under one name. Following the acquisition of Eptech, the company will be able to support their customers’ critical operations across Sweden from a strengthened, common base.

The acquisition of Eptech is the third within the last year. In June 2022, BOS Power acquired Servogear, a Norwegian provider of propulsion solutions for high-speed maritime vessels and in November 2022, Norwegian emergency power specialist Eanor joined the BOS Power Group.


For more information, contact:


Carsten Højerup, Director PowerGen, Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions AS

Tel. +45 24 28 85 19


Peter Gustavsson, Managing Director Eptech Solutions AB

Tel. +46 73 321 29 62


About Eptech

Eptech provides emergency power solutions and services to secure critical operations in data centers, hospitals, energy companies, telecommunications, and industry in the Nordic region. The company takes responsibility for design, construction, production, installation, and 24/7 call-out service. The company is located in Halmstad and Gothenburg on the southwest coast of Sweden.

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About BOS Power

BOS Power is part of the Bertel O. Steen Group in Norway and operates in ten locations in the Nordic region headquartered in Bergen. The company has 200 employees and had a turnover of NOK 550 million in 2021. The company delivers innovative power and energy solutions for various applications and market segments across the Nordic region.

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