EcoDataCenter Secures Operations for HPC, Colocation, and Wholesale with Emergency Power Solution from Elektromatik, part of BOS Power


EcoDataCenter, a Swedish company founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 2014, has emerged as a leading provider of sustainable and secure data center solutions in the Nordic region. With a strong focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, EcoDataCenter combines cutting-edge technology with a commitment to environmental responsibility. In their pursuit of excellence, EcoDataCenter sought a reliable partner to collaborate on their critical data center infrastructure needs.

The Search for an Ideal Partner

When EcoDataCenter started their search for a supplier of an emergency power solution in 2016, they were looking for more than just a supplier of products and services. They were seeking a true partnership that would challenge them, inspire improvement, and provide the necessary support for their operations. Key traits they sought in a partner included reliability, local presence, system integration capabilities, high-quality products, and efficiency. However, the most crucial characteristic was finding a partner who could say “yes” when needed but also challenge them with a “no, but…” when appropriate.


The Challenge: Building a Resilient Data Center Infrastructure

EcoDataCenter understood the critical importance of a robust support system for their data center operations. Reliability, availability, and sustainability were paramount. They required a partner who could provide high-quality products, technical competency, and a comprehensive one-stop-shop approach to meet their needs.

The expansion plans for their Falun data center, EcoDataCenter 1presented an opportunity to find such a partner who could offer an emergency power solution that not only met their immediate requirements but also provided scalability, flexibility, and futureproofing.

Solution Design and Collaboration

EcoDataCenter collaborated closely with Elektromatik (part of BOS Power) and Rolls Royce Power Systems (RRPS) to design a customised emergency power solution that aligned with their specific needs and vision. The partnership involved an extensive exchange of knowledge and competencies to create a solution that would ensure reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.

A key aspect of the solution was the implementation of a distributed redundant topology, designed to deliver reliable power to EcoDataCenter’s customers. Elektromatik and RRPS provided end-to-end responsibility, and integrated project management and high-quality products for the entire emergency power solution. By serving as a one-stop shop, the partnership streamlined the implementation process, ensuring seamless integration of all components within the data center building and eliminating the need for external containers and pipes.

Advantages and Benefits

The collaboration with Elektromatik and RRPS provided EcoDataCenter with several advantages and benefits. From a design perspective, the solution catered to EcoDataCenter’s preferences, with all components installed inside the building, thereby maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing facility.

In terms of technical requirements, the emergency power solution was designed to deliver the required power within a specified timeframe in the event of a grid failure. This met EcoDataCenter’s uptime requirements, ensuring uninterrupted operations for their customers.

The solution’s scalability and flexibility allow for future growth and expansion, accommodating changing needs and demands. By adopting a building block approach, EcoDataCenter can easily adjust the size and capacity of their infrastructure as their business evolves, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Sustainability forms the fundamental focus of both parties involved in this collaboration. The implemented solution has paved the way for the potential to utilize advancements in sustainable practices, such as the use of fossil free diesel like HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil).

Additionally, the heat generated by the emergency power solution can potentially be harnessed and repurposed, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the data center. The market has developed significantly, and the partnership between Elektromatik, RRPS and EcoDataCenter opens opportunities to explore green solutions and technology in the coming years.


Collaborative Partnership

The success of the collaboration between Elektromatik, RRPS, and EcoDataCenter is the result of a project-based and technology-focused approach. The close, ongoing dialogue, sharing of plans and strategies, and mutual challenges enable the partners to achieve more together than they could individually.

Elektromatik’s commitment to deliver by the method “time to market” (TTM) not only ensured on-time delivery but also guaranteed agreed-upon quality, empowering EcoDataCenter to manage their resources more efficiently.

By looking ahead and planning for future growth, the partnership ensures timely delivery of required solutions and the ability to respond effectively to unforeseen risks.

Conclusion and Testimonial

EcoDataCenter’s collaboration with Elektromatik and RRPS exemplifies how the customer-supplier relationship can evolve into a partnership, where both parties grow. The more the companies work together to plan for the future, the stronger EcoDataCenter can become, and the better equipped Elektromatik will be to deliver as a partner. The turnkey emergency power solution provided by Elektromatik, based on RRPS leading technology, empowered EcoDataCenter to achieve their objectives through projects that ran on time, within scope and delivered optimal solutions.

Mikael Svanfeldt, CTO EcoDataCenter, attests to the value of the partnership: “This is what we have found with the current collaboration with Elektromatik and RRPS. We carry out monthly tests and biannual black building tests. We are never worried when we flip the switch. That is because of the people from Elektromatik and RRPS. They are reliable and competent.”

Carsten Højerup, Director Powergen, BOS Power shares Svanfeldt’s opinion of the partnership: “By investing competence from our side, and EcoDataCenter investing from their side, we end up in a win-win situation. This commitment and sharing of specialization and experience creates both succesful projects and effective solutions.

Dennis Zumbach, Director Rolls Royce Power Systems, describes the pivotal role played by RRPS: “RRPS is providing the backup system for EcoDataCenter’s data center operations.

Data availability, 24/7 and in every second, is the key element of a data center’s business model and the backup system ensures that this operation will continue without any issues, whatever happens. It is, so to say, the “insurance policy” for the business model.”

“The backup power systems are proven technology with thousands of installed units worldwide. RRPS stands out for its market-leading reliability and lowest possible emissions.”

A future delivery of an emergency power solution of 24 mtu generator sets of 2,85MW DCP is scheduled for 2024.

The deliveries consisted of:

First delivery

  • Project management, installation, commissioning
  • 6 mtu generator sets: 4×1,65MW DCP and 2×1,35MW DCP
  • Control system
  • Exhaust system
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system

Second delivery

  • Project management, installation, commissioning
  • 8 mtu generator sets: 8×2,26MW DCP
  • Control system
  • Exhaust system
  • Cooling system
  • Fuel system