Hydrogen production with electrolysers using green electricity


The cost-efficient and reliant production of 'green hydrogen' through electrolysis is central to the reduction of greenhouse gases and overall decarbonization of energy systems.

‘Green hydrogen’ can be produced in ways that give off no carbon emissions, and that's where solar parks and wind turbines come in – supplying the electrolysers with electricity generated with zero CO2 emissions.

The innovative PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) technology of Hoeller Electrolyzer, which Rolls-Royce partially bought in 2022, enables more efficient electrolysis than before. The new technology will be used in Rolls-Royce's future mtu electrolyzers.

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Fuel cells – a clean, reliable and effective source of high quality electrical power


Fuel cells are a key component in hydrogen generators that use the energy stored in hydrogen to generate electrical energy by means of an electrochemical process.

Hydrogen and oxygen are combined and thereby electricity is generated. The byproduct of this process is water and heat and therefore no greenhouse gases are emitted.  

A biproduct from the electrochemical process is waste heat which can be reused for either production processes or district heating, thereby increasing the efficiency of the units. 

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Fuel cells