Mobile 20kVA

As part of our specially made generator sets Elektromatik has developed a mobile 20kVA solution. The unit is delivered as a stand-alone solution but can also be delivered with an all-terrain trailer, a trailer for 30km/h or a trailer for 80km/h.

The unit ways 745kg including fuel and is developed to be able to be air-lifted by a helicopter.

The unit can be connected both via a TN-S and a TN-C connection and can be used for island mode or in parallell mode with other generator sets or the grid.

The generator set is equipped with synchronization equipment and a re-synchronization solution to be able to transfer load from the grid and later retransfer load to the grid again.

This makes the generator set extra suitable for grid owners, energy companies and service providers that need to be able to deploy a generator set swiftly.