Service and Service Contracts

To be able to receive service, support and parts are an important part for the customer when investing in a backup power solution. Availability is a key part of feeling safe with your investment and Elektromatik is a strong partner for you regarding after sales. With a vast network of service technicians and partners placed across Sweden we aim to always be available for you.

Tommy Mäler, our service coordinator in Örnsköldsvik, will help you and your company with parts and service for all kinds of backup power and additional components on the market.

We also offer service contracts to our customers, something that will simplify your work with the installed backup power. Based on the type of service you as a customer want, we will offer a specialized contract fulfilling the requirements set.

If you as a customer feel the need for an on-call contract we will offer you a solution for that.

Don’t hesitate, call Tommy Mäler and talk to him regarding parts and service.


Kontakta Tommy

Sales Parts and Service

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